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Tile Roofing

Your leaking tile roof

More often than not, your tile roof begins to leak due to bad underlayment. Your tile roofing underlayment is also known as your roofing system's vapor barrier. Most tile roofs in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona have attic / crawl space. This means you may have minor leaks affecting your decking and attic space.

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Our solution.

It is likely that your homebuilder used a light-duty felt underlayment (typically backed by a 5-year warranty). Felt paper is nailed down, leaving margin for leaks. The products we use are heavy-duty (backed by at-least a 15-Year warranty. Our product is self-adhered and always seal-tight.

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*10 year labor warranty only available in Arizona, contingent on manufacturer's product installed. Not available on all roofing systems and types. Restrictions apply.