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Most would be surprised to learn that the underlayment (beneath) the a tile roof, is actually the most important layer of your roofing system. This is the layer that we like to refer to as the "leak barrier" that truly waterproofs your home when installed by professionals. In order to replace and/or repair the underlayment on your tile roof, we must carefully remove all tile and tear-off what will need to be replaced. Once your new leak barrier is installed, we meticulously place the tile back on in perfect setting. 


Weather conditions can sometimes cause your tile to shift out of place and/or crack and break some tile as well. The longer you wait to get your tile repaired, the longer your underlayment (leak barrier) is exposed to nature's unforgiving weather conditions. Let us help you correct anything before a small repair, turns into a big one down the road.


Whether you're thinking about a new tile look to replace the existing roof... Or have made your mind up and are looking for a variety of options to make your final decision. America's Best has you covered. Speak to one of our professionals and see what we can do to tailor an unrivaled experience that exceeds your needs. We're experts in all tile options, let us show you America's Best way of doin' it! 

Home / Services / Tile Roof