The importance of hiring an Insured Contractor

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

You're trying to decide which company to go with and you're doing your best at covering all your bases, getting your questions answered, and filtering services offered to fit your needs. You think you hired the right company. Then two days into the job the company you hired neglected to cover up your exposed roof on a rainy day and come home to your dog swimming in your living room. Based on a preliminary analysis, the interior of your home and most of your beloved belongings are destroyed. The company responsible goes MIA and doesn't return any of your calls or emails. When you call your insurance company, they tell you to use the Contractor's insurance. And then it hits you... You forgot to ask for proof of insurance prior to hiring them.

One of the most overlooked precautions is asking for proof of General Liability Insurance. Adding this aspect to your needs should rank at the top of your list. No matter the size of your repair, it is always best to be insured and not need it... Than it is to need it and not have it. Believe it or not, occurrences like the one mentioned above happen more often than not. Now, you may obviously go after an un/under-insured company via court. However, that process can be a long and stressful process that can bring upon more expenses that you shouldn't have to make.

You should never make a decision solely based on the price quoted for your roofing needs because odds are, that "super cheap" quote you're thinking about going with may leave you liable in the event of an accident. When getting ready to cough up your hard earned money, you're better off playing it safe and paying for quality and security.

Don't be another example of what NOT to do...

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