Why is my roof an expensive repair?

When it rains... It pours. So you've been putting off the roof repair because there are other things to worry about around the house. Part of the reason why you're holding off, is because your neighbor or someone you know had mentioned the costs of having your roof fixed. And now you're avoiding it. Now, a couple of rain-filled buckets and drywall bubbles later, you've realized its finally time to schedule a couple of estimates.

If you're like most folks, you receive the first bid and think "They otta be crazy". Then, you get a couple of more bids for an overall comparison. By now you're asking yourself "Why is my roof an expensive repair?".

Two words... Liability & Overhead. Roofing is considered to be one of the most dangerous trades in the construction industry. Not many people grow up dreaming of becoming a roofing technician. But those who dedicate themselves to the trade, must be rewarded for it. Since this isn't your typical construction job, the world's roofers deserve a higher salary than most other trades.

There are substantial liabilities when it comes running a successful roofing company not only for employees but the company as well. The roofers put their lives on the line every day they climb that ladder and begin their intense labor under outrageous weather conditions. The company is held liable for anything that may happen to their employees. Which is where our second word,"Overhead" comes into play.

Aside from materials, the real estate, utilities, payroll, waste disposal fees, vehicle costs/maintenance, and other monthly obligations... The expense that trumps them all is .... Insurance. Believe it or not, its quite a task for a Roofing Company to find a suitable insurance company that is willing to take the risk. Out of the thousands of general liability insurance companies, only a small hand-full offer insurance to roofing companies. Limited availability, comes with a hefty price tag. Workman's comp is an even harder task, in most cases, roofing companies are considered lucky if they find more than ONE Workman's Comp quote to compare.

Which brings us to why roofing can be one of the priciest home repairs, next to kitchen remodel. Its not just the consideration of harsh temperatures with virtually zero shade to work in. Employee/Employer Liability and Overhead are to blame for pricey repair bids that may have some surfin' the web for a 2nd or 3rd opinion on their roof.

Ultimately, it pays to get the job done right. We like to say, "Cheap Work, Turns into Pricey work" because it may cost you more to repair something that wasn't done right the first time. Its recommended you choose a company that is Licensed, bonded, and (most importantly) insured. 

Wouldn't wanna be under this roof...

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